Neil Selman to Speak at DRI Insurance Coverage and Claims Institue

April 10, 2013

The Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute is DRI's flagship conference for coverage counsel and insurance professionals. The conference provides insurance professionals and their attorneys with practical advice and the tools needed to stay on the cutting edge of their specialty. You will hear from industry leaders on the most challenging issues they face this year and what is on the horizon. Speakers will discuss recent court rulings, national claims trends, the regulatory climate, and ethical issues. The presentations will dig down into the complexities of the practice-multiple claimants, tenders of coverage, insurer vs. insurer, mass actions/class actions/multidistrict litigation, Coverage B, claim investigation pitfalls, litigation techniques, and more. The conference will help sharpen your skills and raise your levels of awareness, while networking with senior claims executives and experienced coverage counsel from across the nation.