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Gregg Thornton And Danielle Lewis To Present Seminar On Defending Warrantless Entries And Searches

On February 25, 2014, Selman Breitman partners Gregg A. Thornton and Danielle K. Lewis will be presenting a seminar to ABAG member cities to address issues and concerns relevant to defending warrantless entries and searches.

The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable government intrusion into their homes. However, the law has recognized that the broad protection afforded under the Fourth Amendment is not appropriate in every circumstance. Both Federal and State courts have defined, and continue to redefine, those situations under which a warrantless search of a home is permissible. As late as November 2013, the United States Supreme Court examined the issue of warrantless searches, modifying previously controlling authority in California. Understanding the current framework for warrantless searches is critical for public entities to avoid exposure for actions taken by police personnel when conducting a search of an individual's home.

This training seminar will discuss recent developments in the law with regard to society's careful balance between citizens' Fourth Amendment right to be free of unlawful searches, on the one hand, and society's need to investigate criminal activity, on the other hand.

The seminar will provide ABAG's member cities and police departments with the information to ensure that the member cities' policing techniques are consistent with the latest controlling legal authorities.