Selman Breitman Writes the Book on California Insurance Litigation

December 22, 2016

LexisNexis Publishes the Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Insurance Litigation authored by Selman, Edson, Leichenger, and Newman

Written by Selman Breitman attorneys Neil Selman, Eldon Edson, Sheryl Leichenger, and Gregory Newman, this new publication makes the consideration and handling of substantive and procedural issues relating to California insurance litigation much simpler and less stressful by providing practical, step-by-step guidance in easy to understand language. It was prepared for use as a resource by lawyers representing insurers, insureds, and others with interests relating to insurance disputes, insurance claims adjusters, third-party administrators, insurance brokers and agents, risk managers, risk consultants, insurance regulators, and judges.

Distilling more than 90 years of combined experience from four distinguished California insurance law practitioners, this publication explains how to analyze, resolve, and litigate key issues that can arise at every stage of an insurance dispute in California. Designed to be a practical tool for daily use, it covers both key general considerations in insurance litigation and issues that arise in the context of specific lines of insurance. The guide combines how-to practice guidance, task-oriented checklists, strategic points, tips, and warnings, in an easy-to-read format. It includes references to current pertinent state and federal legislation, case law, and sources essential to a proper understanding and command of insurance litigation in California. This publication:

  • is a comprehensive guide to understanding the purpose of insurance, how it is regulated, interpreted and applied in California.
  • addresses many of the major types of insurance coverages that are available on the market.
  • is written in a way that makes it accessible to first time users or those unfamiliar with insurance issues, as well as in-depth analysis of critical issues needed by experienced practitioners.
  • provides crucial insight into litigating insurance issues in California courts, both State and Federal.
  • includes up-to-date, practitioner-developed forms and practice tips essential to the litigation of insurance disputes.
  • explains, in easy-to-read fashion, the obligations of the parties to insurance contracts and the consequences faced by insureds and insurers should they fail to fulfill them.
  • is superior to other insurance guides since it contains greater in-depth analysis regarding the interpretation and application of insurance policies under California law.

It provides more comprehensive practitioner-focused discussions of key coverage and litigation issues and their outcomes under California law. As such, it gives the reader a deeper understanding of how and why certain results have been reached and thus provides better guidance as to how and why certain results may be reached with regard to their issue(s). In addition, the publication includes up-to-date, practitioner-developed forms and practice tips essential to the litigation of insurance disputes, including Extracontractual claims. As a result, the publication provides a greater and longer lasting educational benefit than other guides.