Selman Lawyers Fresch, Popovich & Freeman Win Marathon David Copperfield/MGM Trial In Las Vegas

In November 2013, plaintiff Gavin Cox and his wife visited Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday.  He went to the David Copperfield show at the MGM Grand Hotel.  He then volunteered to be a participant in the Thirteen Illusion, Copperfield's finale to the show.  During the illusion, Mr. Cox was made to "disappear" with other participants from a raised platform, and while moving to his reappearance at the back of the theatre, he fell and was injured, claiming shoulder, neck, and brain injuries.  He sued Copperfield, MGM Grand Hotel, Backstage Referral (the stagehands), and Team Construction, which had a construction dumpster in the area of the fall, for negligence.

After more than seven weeks of trial on the liability phase of the trial (had Cox prevailed, there would have been a damages phase), televised on Law & Crime Network and reported on by news organizations around the world, the jury found that neither Copperfield, his company, nor the MGM Grand Hotel were causes of Mr. Cox's accident.  Backstage Referral and Team Construction were also found not liable.  The jury also determined that Mr. Cox was the 100% cause of his own accident.

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David Copperfield and David Copperfield's Disappearing, Inc. were represented by Elaine K. Fresch (Los Angeles and Las Vegas) and Eric Freeman (Las Vegas); MGM Grand Hotel, LLC was represented by Jerry Popovich (Orange County).