An Update for Our Clients

As COVID-19 continues to affect our nation, and the entire world, we want to assure you that Selman Breitman is fully operational in all locations. We know businesses are experiencing disruptions, but you can be sure that we are taking necessary measures, in line with governmental directives and standards, to protect our employees and their families. We are doing this while providing our usual high level of legal services, and will continue to do so in line with your expectations and guidelines.

The team members responsible for your legal needs are either working in their respective offices with special precautions, or are connected to firm systems and working remotely from home. Our people are connected with each other as well and will be using email, phones, and video meetings to stay connected and make sure our collaborative approach is maintained. Even in areas where “Shelter in Place” is in effect, in accordance with those rules, we have necessary staff to monitor the office location for mail, and to make sure those working remotely can continue to do so effectively.

We have restricted travel and attendance at all non-essential meetings. Many courts have curtailed in-person activities and postponed trials and some hearings, while many courts have declared judicial holidays extending dates for filings. However, most court-imposed discovery deadlines currently remain in force, although lawyers are generally being cooperative regarding these matters. We continue to be vigilant as to all such issues and will continue our effective representation of your interests. There may be a “new normal” regarding attendance at mediations and other meetings in ways that do not require personal attendance. We are monitoring all such activities, and will be communicating with clients on these issues as we gain additional information.

As a result, while the pandemic presents a significant challenge, we are meeting this challenge and we are working as a team to maintain our high standards. All of us at Selman Breitman deeply appreciate your trust in us and the interesting work you provide. We know it is a difficult time for you and your organization as well, but we believe we can all get through this together.

We wish you, your co-workers, and your families, good health during this time.

-- Selman Breitman LLP