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“No Signs of Slowing Down; Privacy Litigation Update,” For the Defense, DRI, October 2017

San Diego Attorney Elaine Harwell recently published, “No Signs of Slowing Down; Privacy Litigation Update,” in the October 2017 issue of DRI’s For the Defense. In her article, which examines the ever-growing trend of increased privacy litigation, likely the result of heightened consumer awareness, Elaine states, “[I]n an increasing number of data breach cases, the focus has turned to the security that defendants establish (or the lack of it) and the elusive standard of ‘reasonable security.’ At this point, no case appears to address the ‘reasonable security’ issue directly, and with technology changing at such a rapid pace, it is intriguing to consider how the law will keep pace.’”

A copy of the full article can be downloaded below. 

For more information on this increasingly important issue, or for more information on the firm’s Cyber Law and Privacy practices, please contact Elaine Harwell.

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