Our employment lawyers have experience covering a broad range of employment issues, including employment contracts, nondisclosure agreements and protection of proprietary/trade secret information, defense of FEHA claims of discrimination, defense of public policy violation and hostile work environment claims, and other employment setting tort claims. 

We provide consultation services to employers in California, Nevada and throughout the United States on a wide variety of issues with the goal of avoiding disputes and preventing workplace issues from developing into litigation. These issues include proper employee/workers' classification and evaluation of workplace policies, including cutting-edge social media and privacy concerns. We also handle ADA matters, which includes an analysis of an employee's "qualified" status to perform essential job functions and "reasonable accommodation" issues.

Selman Breitman's litigation experience includes the defense of wrongful termination claims including statutory violations, sexual harassment, discrimination (gender, race/ethnicity, age, disability and other protected status), retaliation, and whistleblowing. We also provide training and seminars for employers, managers and employees. Many of our employment lawyers are also conversant or fluent in Spanish, which provides many substantial benefits to our clients in all industries.

ADA: Represented a number of different types of businesses in ADA litigation. These include the defense of hotels and grocery stores against various claims of ADA violations for asserted lack of access and/limitation of access to facilities. These cases have resulted in a pragmatic resolution of the litigation.

Sexual Harassment:  Represented a manufacturing facility against claims by the plaintiff, an inside sales person, of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.  In another case Ms. Cruz Thornton represented a services agency against claims by two employees of sexual harassment and an alleged pervasively hostile work environment in which the employees claimed they were whistleblowers who were terminated for retaliatory motives.  These cases were resolved in confidential terms favorable terms to the defense.

Unruh Civil Rights Act:  Represented a clothing retail shop in an Unruh Act (Civil Code section 51) and race discrimination claim. The public figure plaintiff who visited the client's establishment claimed she was discriminated against based on race.  A confidential settlement was achieved.

Trade Secrets:  Defended an individual business owner against claims that the owner, while employed by the plaintiff, misappropriated trade secrets which were used to start a competitor business.  A confidential settlement was achieved. 

In another similar trade secrets case, defended a client who also started a competitor business after leaving the plaintiff's employment. This claim involved trade secrets pertaining to intellectual property and a favorable confidential resolution was reached.