Insurance Recovery


Our Insurance Recovery practice group has an outstanding reputation, formed by working with its insurer clients to help them turn what otherwise would be normal loss payments into ultimate recovery.  We believe that the recovery/subrogation unit should be a profit center for the insurer, assisting the carrier to prevent leakage and maintain a healthier loss ratio.

We have been successful in this area, quite simply because of our law firm structure.  Selman, Leichenger, Edson, Hsu, Newman & Moore LLP is one of the few law firms to be a leader in the areas of liability issues, with one of the finest trial departments available to insurers.  The firm also has a nationally recognized insurance coverage practice group.  Working together, these groups provide the best possible team for successful subrogation and contribution recoveries.

To either shift responsibility to the responsible tortfeasor, or to make that tortfeasor reimburse the carrier for sums already paid, the carrier needs a firm that is experienced in issues such as fire losses, transportation claims, construction defect, environmental matters, and other major tort areas.  Our firm has that experience and a track record of obtaining significant recoveries in those areas.

A great recovery unit requires that you also have a command of the intricacies of insurance, equitable contribution, equitable subrogation issues, additional insured issues, and a genuine knowledge of how to look for, and obtain, recoveries from third party insurers.  As a leading national insurance firm, we have that capability.

Combining these major areas of focus gives us the tools you need to obtain the best possible recoveries.

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