Motor Vehicle Rental

Selman Breitman has more than 20 years' experience in handling liability claims involving the industry's largest and smallest rental car companies, as well as commercial truck owners and renters/lessees.

We are typically involved in major injury or death cases to immediately manage the entire investigation process, and to preserve important evidence and the accident scene. Our attorneys include former police officers and prosecutors. We also represent rental car entities in the defense of ADA claims, premises liability, employee losses, and administrative actions with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Summary Judgment has been granted in a number of negligent entrustment and product liability cases throughout the Western United States on behalf of our clients. Litigation has been successfully avoided or defended involving issues such as vicarious liability, permissive use, contract violations, vanpool liability, supplemental liability insurance, commercial driver's certification, vehicle recalls, and commercial truck overloading and modifications.

Selman Breitman has an excellent track record of representing rental car companies in the Courts of Appeal.