Wrongful Termination

California is an "at will" employment state, meaning an employee can be let go for any reason and no reason. Exceptions exist and often lead to claims of wrongful termination. Not all employees fired from their jobs can claim wrongdoing. While they may claim an injustice or allege that they have been unfairly terminated, employers are within their rights to hire and fire as they please.

At Selman Breitman, we conduct thorough investigations into wrongful termination claims and how those allegations apply to California law. Our attention to even the smallest detail helps us get to the facts.

California Wrongful Termination Claim Attorneys

Many of our investigations turn up strong evidence of retaliatory discharge following claims made by an employee of whistleblowing, sexual harassment, discrimination or other violations of public policy. Reviewing terminated employees' files also uncover vital information on the number of years an employee was on the job, performance reviews and subsequent raises, and any instances of disciplinary actions.

If we have determined that California law and our clients' rights have been violated, we move forward with a lawsuit. Our goal is to maximize compensations and secure the benefits you are entitled to.

Beyond money, the stakes involved in a wrongful termination carries serious repercussions beyond the loss of a job. Reputations and professional standings suffer serious damage. Future job pursuits become more challenging based on the potentially illegal acts of an employer firing you.

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